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About Me


Aaron Dowler is a mid-twenty something content creator/blogger specialising in life tips, tricks and essential ways to make yourself not look as exhausted as you actually are.

Aaron found himself working relentless and tirelessly in retail at the young ages of 16-20, after half-heartedly pursuing an acting career and quickly realizing that rejection was not his strong suit, at 20 he decided to take himself off to the University of Brighton. Degree chosen: International Event Management, why did he choose this degree you may ask? he thought it would be a good all-rounder as it covered marketing, financials and PR as well as some great other modules. During that gruelling four years, he found himself living in Florida for a year working as a Disney Character in Orlando (think big yellow dog) before coming back to finish his final year and working part-time as a PR agent, bartender and retail assistant to support himself. Aaron obtained his 1st class degree and off he went into the working world. Securing his first grown-up job in New York City working with a corporate event company as a service manager. Sadly the immigration gods were not on his side and after a year he was forced to move back to the UK to his family home in Essex. was started in 2016 as a hobby and learning process in order for Aaron to develop his web and marketing skills and has had sporadic content explosions here and there since then. Now that the NYC adventure is nearly over Aaron wants to work on his blog as a part-time career and create valuable and interesting content for his audience.

To reach out with questions and potential partnerships you can find Aaron at

& yes, I did just write all that in the first person. I’m a storyteller, what can I say?