About Me

Aldowler.com has always been a place for me to practise my digital marketing skills and have a test platform. It seemed to marry together my love of writing, design, and digital marketing.

I have a background international event management and that where my degree lies. I chose that degree because I thought it would be a great all-rounder as it covered marketing, accounting, PR, and law. During that time I also took a placement year at Walt Disney World Florida working in entertainment for the mouse. I came back to university and finished my degree whilst working with a client part-time handling PR.

I finished my degree off I went into the working world. I was lucky enough to secure my first grown-up job in New York City working with a corporate event company as a service manager. Sadly the immigration gods were not on my side, and after one year I was forced to move back to the UK to my family home in Essex.

That is us up to date, I now work in digital marketing for an agency in London whilst also working as a freelance marketing consultant in my free time.

To reach out with questions and potential partnerships you can find me at AaronLeeDowler@gmail.com.