Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and I know that millennials and gen z are notoriously hard to buy for. Here are some must-haves that I have compiled if you are struggling with what to buy. Half of them I own and the other half I aspire to own. Welcome to Aaron’s Amazon Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

I absolutely adore my pendant light, I had it in my tiny NYC room and I brought it back with me when I moved home. It adds some industrial chic to any room. I love that it can be plugged in instead of hard-wired so it can be used above a bed or desk without the commitment. I just use a screw-in hook and wrap the light around it so that it hangs perfectly!

Let’s face it, we are the generation that can’t afford gardens. My room is absolutely littered with house plants, from tall yucca plants to hanging ivy. This little terrarium is stylish, on-trend and certainly can’t hurt the air quality of the room.

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Memes are one of the main joys of a millennial’s life. Not only can you play this in the hybrid period between Christmas and New Year but it can easily be converted into a drinking game.

I cannot explain to you how good this gin is. Since everyone realised that there are flavoured gins and you do not HAVE to have gin with tonic the market has boomed. Hoxton is a coconut and grapefruit gin that tastes absolutely divine with a slimline tonic and a wedge of grapefruit. You can thank me later.

We only wear black so let’s get this Christmas on brand. I love this jumper. Imagine it oversized on Christmas day with a mulled wine in hand.

Second alcohol-related product on the list. Can you tell that I channel a lot of my drinking in the festive period? Dartington is famous for crystal glasses and these are just top-notch.

This is my everyday work backpack and it fits in with my aesthetic perfectly. It has a separate laptop compartment, a secret zip inside and a passport zip on the outside. It’s even waterproof. It makes for the perfect flight companion to.

I love this speaker because it can fit into a design aesthetic, it’s great quality and can add a vintage twist to a contemporary or modern room.

I lose my keys at least once a day. This tile attaches like a key ring and you use an app on your phone to make the tile ring so that you can find your keys without destroying the entire home.

If you do not think that this money box is adorable then you are a liar or a sociopath. Help a friend save this Christmas, heaven knows we need it.

I think that the Amazon Kindle is one of the best inventions ever, the battery life lasts FOREVER. It is also super light, so great if you are always on the road like me.

Finding it hard to wake up in winter? The Philips Wake-Up Alarm Clock simulates a natural sunrise.

I use my Nutribullet for a lot, protein shakes, smoothies, milkshakes, and soups! Help someone’s health kick this January.

Amazon Dot (£25)

“Alexa, play Christmas music”. This does not need much more of an explanation, especially when it is on a half-price deal?!

Haven’t you heard? teeth are the new t*ts. Over the last few years, everyone has suddenly taken a liking to dental hygiene. More than the brushing twice a day.

I had a chance to try these out in a department store recently and I loved them. They use bone conduction so are a little easier on the ears. They are also great if you are running or cycling because you can still hear the world around you. It is almost as if someone is playing music in a different room.

Capture the memories this Christmas, I used this little camera all throughout my year abroad, and now I have the most amazing photo books.

I hope you enjoyed this Amazon Christmas gift guide as much as I enjoyed researching for it! I also have a book guide that has some great gift ideas! Happy Holidays!

  • This post has affiliate links. You will not pay any more for any products that you order, I will just receive a tiny percentage from Amazon if you use the links provided below to buy.

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