What to do when you’re feeling depleted


“Energy is finite” you have to be careful where you expend it and to whom”


Now picture this story:

You are at the office, you had a 6 am start and it is not looking like you will be out much before 6 pm. Every blink feels like you have momentarily fallen asleep and every time you take a seat it is bliss. Everything that could have gone wrong did. You have unhappy clients, unhappy employees and when you look in the mirror there is an unhappy auto driving zombie looking back at you. You have been pulled every way imaginable and in terms of energy, positivity and charisma – you are in short supply. You might feel guilty for feeling this way, but you should not. Of course, maybe your moral suffered but the thing about moral is that it is contagious, so self-reflection and self-care are paramount so that you do not become a sinking ship taking a crew down with you. Do not let a bad experience or day direct you to a destructive path.

Now we have all had those days where all you would like to do is go home, sit with a glass or 4 of wine and just revel in your own solidarity (featuring Netflix). Some may think this is a bad way to spend your time, but I beg to differ. It is important to recharge your batteries in any which way that suits you. Expanding too much energy on small details can be extremely detrimental to your wellbeing. It will make you look visibly, mentally and physically fatigued.



Negativity – it is important to choose your battles! The charisma and energy that you expel are not infinite, so wasting too much time on unimportant or unpleasant conversations can help deplete this energy fast. Giving too much of yourself will leave you feeling exhausted. A long time ago I made a rule to myself that I would not pursue friendships with individuals who did not make me feel good, a friendship should not be a chore.

Easy ways to do this is self-care, I always like to split these into two different categories; self-image and self-development.


It might sound conceited, but I think we can all agree that when you feel like you look good, you feel good. It shines from the inside out. Do the things that make you feel like that. For myself, I like to sit and do my eyebrows, double cleanse my skin and exfoliate the day away. For others it is a trip to the hairdressers or spa, get that seaweed mud wrap, get that pedicure as well as that manicure because an investment in your own well-being is never a waste. When you pay for good and services you are not only paying for that tangible element but that intangible element, that feeling, that dopamine release.

Things to do when you’re feeling down

  • Face Mask – I have talked about this one before but I am still a huge advocate for the Indian Healing Mask suck all of those negative emotions out of your pores, why stop at face mask, under eye mask, lip mask, foot mask and hand mask, go all out!
  • Do your eyebrows – pluck them and tidy up those hairs, I recently invested in these little gems and they have changed my eyebrow game for the better.
  • Get your hair cut, you’ll feel fresher and more organised and why you’re at it, cover that hair in coconut oil and watch Netflix for a few hours and then just shampoo it out (you’ll thank me later).
  • Rearrange your room – there is such a delicate connection between the space that you are in and your mental wellbeing, it will make you feel accomplished. Get on Pinterest and get creative.




Work on that hobby that you have always wanted to hone, it will help you increase your self-value and your skill set. I have recently been dabbling in web design and although it is a long process, I managed to create my own website, with no previous knowledge or training in web design or WordPress at first it was daunting. I did not put any pressure on myself, I learned at my own pace and when I wanted too so that it never became a chore. Completely contrasting but my next hobby to hone is knitting – I am looking to knit one of those huge chunky knit blankets that you see on Instagram and Pinterest and why? 1. Because it would be impeccable in my bedroom and 2. Whenever I look at it I can think – yes that was me, I did that. The point I am making is that these hobbies and skills need not be work-related. The golden rule in everything in life is to do what makes you feel fulfilled.

Some fun things to try

  • Paint and Sip
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Spin Class
  • Knitting

Join a class, with websites like Groupon there is no excuse to not. I have recently been looking at pottery classes in NYC and I cannot wait to get started. Classes are not a necessity, watch a Youtube video on something new and learn something fun. Next time you find yourself feeling a little outside yourself – just do what makes you feel good, do what makes you feel like you again. You do you.


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