How to pay off £11,000 debt in 12 months

Now if you think this is going to be an easy, quick fix to your money problems then you would be wrong. The last 12 months have probably been the most difficult time in my life this story isn’t without tears. This is going to get into the nitty-gritty of how I paid off £11,000 debt in 12 months and it hopefully might help you out too. Debt pay off is not for the faint-hearted or the lazy.

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The Best Ways to Use Cashback

The way that cashback operates is simple. It is basically a company saying to you “tell your friends about this product and we will pay you a commission on whatever they buy”.

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Getting Back On Track

I have been regrouping for the last few months and just getting to know my life in the UK again. It is been a rough transition, to say the least, when you are used to a lifestyle and a living dynamic, to have that completely changed in the space of days can be disruptive.

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Life Update

Hey friends and family, I am back with a life update here and before we start I am a little short on content at the

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In true Aaron Dowler style – this blog has arrived around several months late. Anyone who followed my story in Florida will know that I

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