Life Update

Hey friends and family, I am back with a life update here and before we start I am a little short on content at the moment so please accept some old silhouettes of me looking wistfully into the distance. Once again I have promised consistent updates, and once again I have taken a spontaneous two-month break from writing. What is the truth of it? Adulting is exhausting and these New Yorkers adult hard. If five years ago someone told me that by the ripe old age of 25 I would be working 60 hour work weeks I would have gotten on the first flight to a tropical island and started a new life for myself selling shells on the beach and in all honestly that thought frequently crosses my mind.



I am currently in that antagonising wait for the H1B visa, and for those who do not know what that is, it is a lottery to see if I am allowed to stay in the country. Every year the USA opens 65,000 places for talented kids with degrees to obtain an H1B visa and remain in the USA another 3-6 years. Now, unfortunately, this year there was upwards of 190,000 applicants which slim my chances of approval down to around 25-30%. Although, still, I am looking at it in a “glass quarter full” kind of way.

I never thought I would be the type, but I am living for the weekends (sponsored by mimosas). I am not getting the chance to travel as much as I would like to but what I lack in cultural experiences, I am making up for it ten-fold in work experiences. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity for me and managing a team has proven to be demanding but rewarding. To see initiative and creativity flourish has been great. I am spending this weekend in New Jersey with Jenny and her family which I think is a much-needed break. It feels great to be out in some space that does not smell like a public restroom. That is the problem with New York in the summer, all of those grotesque smells are accentuated and enhanced and that is when the deodorant dodgers are at their most noticeable.



On this blog over the next few weeks, I am hoping to post a few cosmetics reviews as well as some life hacks as I think that is my main point of interest and something that I enjoy doing. I have even thought about *cringe* starting a youtube channel, if not for anyone else but me. The last few years I have felt my confidence decrease massively, and I think since quitting acting and coming of out the proverbial closet my self-confidence has been in rapid decline with a sprinkle of an identity crisis on the side.

Future fear is another element playing on my mind at the moment. If this visa does not get approved, then I will be back to square one. Part of me finds the idea of this refreshing and the promise of being anything and anyone I want is quite liberating. On the other hand, living is expensive, and a guy got bills to pay.



Mum, dad and Aimee recently visited for my birthday, and I think I was more excited to see their reactions to the big apple than anything else. To see three people experience New York for the first time is fantastic and I took them to all of my favourite places as well as some places I had wanted to try. Where to bring first-time New Yorkers could be a fun post to write actually (parking lot that). We had a chance to do loads of fun things that I have wanted to do for a while now. We saw two Broadway shows, Wicked and Chicago which was both fabulous. I took them to Comedy Cellar in the West Village which was hilarious albeit the aircon too cold and the drinks too strong (yes you heard that correctly). I am not usually one to complain but the pineapple vodka tasted suspiciously like paint thinner so much so that mum could not drink hers so I had no option but to finish it. We managed to pick the best day to go on a river cruise around the bottom half of Manhattan which was not only an excellent tanning opportunity but also a great chance to see the city from different angles and the waitress service meant that I was constantly hydrated if you catch my drift.

That is about all I have for you guys right now in terms of a life update, I am working on creating more content but it is strangely harder than you would think and I am gaining a lot of respect for all of the content creators out there because some of you are killing it! If there is anything anyone would specifically like to know about then shoot me a message because it would be great to see what content is interesting people.

Until next time,




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