In true Aaron Dowler style – this blog has arrived around several months late. Anyone who followed my story in Florida will know that I am notoriously late and inconsistent when it comes to keeping people updated on my life. It did not help that I fell down the vast rabbit hole that is New York City. Honestly, what can I say about this beautiful terrifying city? it is the kind of place where if you truly stop and look around it is incomprehensible, the sheer vastness of it. It is almost indescribable. When living in Florida I visited NYC once and only for 4 days and in the grand scheme of life 4 days seems fairly insignificant. However, those 4 days were enough to decide that it was where I wanted to start my career straight out of University.

I am working for an amazing innovative full-service event and conference company. I know, I know – any University friends out there will know that the entirety of my “International Event Management” degree I complained about not wanting to work in the event industry but this amazing opportunity fell on my lap and I would have been a fool not to take it. My career here moved very fast, I started this company at a point where the growth and opportunities are almost infinite and although I started on an internship, I very quickly got promoted to a service manager and I am now even in talks with lawyers about a visa for another 3-6 years!





I am living in a quaint little apartment in the East Village, and although the rent is eye-watering high, it is a place that I have come to love. Sure, the streets are not that clean but to be honest, you will be hard-pressed to find a clean street in this city. Between the toxic smells coming out of manholes and the drips of New York mystery water on your shoulder, the cleanliness is not exactly white glove. My bedroom is littered with candles and plants and it is really beginning to feel like a sanctuary. A sanctuary that is six floors in the air with no elevator that gives me a cardiovascular attack on every ascent that is.

My work location is in Midtown which is home to a lot of financial firms and investment companies. If you look up anywhere in Midtown you will be met with hideously high, ambiguous buildings – all of which no one really knows what are for. To be able to come down to the lower east side and get out of the corporate cloud is a true bliss. Not to mention that the LES is home to some of the best-unlimited brunch places in Manhattan and of course what is a weekend if it is not bottomless mimosas and friends?

Speaking of friends, I have made an amazing little friendship group here! I have always been one of those people who likes low maintenance friendships so a few close friends to me are a lot more important than a thousand acquaintances. I just do not have the time or energy for the upkeep or being out every night to maintain a friendship. I can not speak to someone for months and still know that we can pick up where we left off as if there was no time passed at all. That combined with the fact that I love my own company meant that to find a few close friends straight away has been amazing. We have even affectionally started a group called “Fun Friends” on nearly every social platform so that we stay updated with each other’s stories.





There are of course downsides to moving 4000 miles away from home, here in NYC I do not have the same support network and although mum is just a phone call away it is not the same as a cup of tea and a rant. Not to mention my little army of siblings, it is walking that fine tightrope of following your dreams and whilst also realising that you are sacrificing a lot.

I cannot recall every detail about what has happened since moving here because life is just going at 100mph! but any questions or requests I would be happy to post. This blog is going to a hobby for me. I wanted to expand my skill set, so I dabbled in web design and creative writing and although I am still working out the kinks I am excited at what I have created. Follow this blog if you want some life updates, fashion and grooming tips as well as some fun places to go in New York!

Stay fabulous


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