Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown

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This read is a little lighter than a lot of the media surrounding COVID-19 at the moment. I wanted to give some tips on things to do whilst in lockdown with all this newfound time. 

For many of us, COVID-19 means a lot of time being spent at home. Some of you might not be able to work at home so will just have an abundance of free time. Some of you might also be saving 3-4 hours a day commuting time whilst working from home.

Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown
Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown

It is a sad time but I wanted to focus on the positives. Take this time to focus on yourself. Upskill so that when the world gets back on track, you’ll be a better you.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a 28-day free trial of all courses. There are so many to choose from. Some courses I have completed have been in the digital marketing space; affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation, and Microsoft Excel training. 

They have soft skill workshops as well, public speaking, managing conflict, and asking for a promotion, etc. 

It is super easy to sign up. A lot of the courses even have accreditation and have certifications. This means that you can add to your LinkedIn profile ad CV when you have completed them.

If you are interested in digital marketing, then you might also like the free courses that Google offers.

Home DIY

I hate buying new, mainly because I try to keep my waste to a minimum where I can. I also like bringing furniture back from the dead. It is amazing what can be accomplished with a little bit of sandpaper and some paint from Aldi. 

Below is a project that I worked on in the summer last year. I will post a separate full blog post on that though later. This was a chest of drawers that my boss gave to me that they were going to throw out.

Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown
Things To Do Whilst In Lockdown


Another project that I am working on is a wardrobe that was given to me by a family member.

I have removed the drawers underneath, cleaned it with sugar soap, sanded it down, added a wardrobe floor, added feet, and painted some of the panels in a charcoal chalk paint from Aldi.


To finish it off, I am going to add some matte black handles and go over the paint with a dark wax.

There so many other little jobs you can be working on. Paint the window ledge, save that dying plant from the garden, restain the decking, and get creative with it!

I have listed below some things you can buy from Amazon to help you get started;

Work on Your Glow

It sounds trivial but take a look at your skincare. Think about anything you would like to change or fix. I have been to the doctors about my skin several times but was never given anything that helped.

Now I have signed up to Dermatica. Dermatica is comprised of a team of professional dermatologists. They take a look at uploaded photos of your skin and can prescribe prescription acne or anti-ageing medication. It is £19.99 a month, and it gets delivered directly to your door.

Another new thing I have been trying is LED light therapy for my acne. These treatments can set you back hundreds in a clinic. The home masks are obviously not as high strength but can definitely still help. I used the Hangsun LED Light Therapy from Amazon, it was £42.99 and has three different lights. Red light for collagen induction, blue light for acne, and orange light for dull skin. They each hit your skin at a different frequency.

You can try different strength peels, these can help with anything from ageing to hyperpigmentation. During this time you can afford to use a peel with a little more downtime. Another restorative treatment could be dermarolling (I wrote a post on dermarolling here).

Make Money Moves

I have been spending money like I usually would. Here is the catch though, instead of it going on the train fair, morning coffee, lunch, etc I have been paying that off debt. I find this super rewarding and it makes it super easy to make dents in that pesky debt.

Sit down and take a look at your subscriptions. See what you can go without or negotiate down to a lower rate. I sat down with mine and saw that I have been paying for loads of thing that I probably did not need. 

Create an actual budget so for when life gets back on track. Now that you have seen that you can do without certain things, why go back to them? My mum cut my hair, done an amazing job, and now I am questioning whether I ever need to go to a barber again.

That’s it, that is my little list of things to do whilst in lockdown. It is also important to remember that a lockdown is not a productivity contest. You are in the midst of a pandemic and everyone will be reacting differently. If you want to sit and watch Disney+ all day then do it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for that. 

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