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What I am doing in 2019 to sort my life out.

What I am doing in 2019 to sort my life out.

2018 has been an absolute rollercoaster for me. I went from having a high-stress corporate event career in New York City, to a slower-pace recruitment career back in the UK. Now, this was not a choice of my own and whilst I tried to stay in the US, fate was not on my side.

I have been regrouping for the last few months and just getting to know my life in the UK again. It is been a rough transition, to say the least, when you are used to a lifestyle and a living dynamic, to have that completely changed in the space of days can be disruptive. It is quite a weird feeling to feel sad and mourn for the life you had but at the same time realising how lucky you are and it can make you feel like your sadness is not validated.

I tried to stick with a routine, I got back to the UK, I bought a car, had a job lined up and I joined a gym and it was fine for a while. When you are used to living a life that is a little more adventurous it can be a real crash back down to earth and whilst I crave structure, I also get those urges to just get my passport and leave. My ‘go to’ for trying to regain control of my life has always been the same when I get back from living somewhere.

Kick the finances into check once and for all.

Those who know me have always known and that I was pretty reckless with money in the past. From ages 18-22 I pretty much destroyed my credit rating and racked up some debts, now these have been paid off here and there but I have never quite been fully rid of debt. I have decided to just get angry at it now and to throw everything I have into saving and getting rid of debts. The current account that I use is Monzo it makes it super easy to keep track of expenses and is years ahead of any high street banking app. It is free to sign up and if you sign up using the link above, you get £5 when you make you use your card for the first time (affiliate link). I like Monzo because it makes it easy to separate money into different accounts and you can also “lock” accounts until a certain date which I find super helpful. There is also an option to “round up” to the nearest pound and that change is put into a savings pot.

I am also using the 70% budgeting technique, from Jordan Paige. It is pretty simple, I do not think that budgeting has to be overly difficult because that is what makes it hard to stick to. I have also been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and he suggests that in order to make a habit stick, you must make it easy and attractive. The 70% budget basically goes by the philosophy that 70% of your earnings are your living costs, this is to pay bills, entertainment, food shopping and transport. 20% is for savings or paying down pressing debt and 10% is for investing/charity/retirement. With that 70%, you break it down into 4 weeks and you use cash. You put each week in an envelope and you know that is the money for that week. When you look at the cash in each envelope, you realise that it is actually quite a lot. Jordan recommends that you split this weekly amount up to have half of the money on the category that you spend the most money on (mine is petrol) and the other half to live. The other 30% I currently use for debts but when I am clear, I will split that between savings and investments. If this topic is interesting to anyone I will do a longer post on it, let me know.

To get a little bit of extra cash, I also worked with a promotional company, it was pretty draining work but it is a great chance to interact with brands, meet new people and earn some extra income. Promo agencies normally pay between £10-£15 an hour and also pay mileage and expenses. All of December I was working every weekend with the promo agency and this was pretty much just been giving out samples of gin and talking to customers about gin, so not too bad and I was thankful for the exhaustion at the end of January when I doubled my monthly paycheck. The work is sporadic but if you can handle the long days and the occasional weekend work then it is a nice little supplementary income.

Decluttering my life

I am trying to run this simplicity theme through the whole of my life. I have started with my bedroom, anything that is sellable that I do not use has been sold, and anything that is not has been donated or trashed. I will look at something, touch it, try it on and then ask myself “would I rather have the money than this item?” and if the answer is yes, it’s sold. I also got rid of things that I kept just because they were expensive or a gift. I had some beautiful Chelsea boots but I rarely wore them because they aggravated my tendonitis so they had to go. Every penny over my salaried wage (including things I sell) I also throw towards debt or savings, I do this straight away so that I do not even have to think about it.

I have also been working on a digital detox but this is a little more time-consuming. I am not sure if anyone else has this problem but I find myself with about 6 different email accounts and they are all logins to different various things that I use. I have been going through my LastPass account and checking the passwords whilst also logging in and changing things to the same email address. The goal is to end with 3 email address. Work, Life and Junk. Junk emails are impossible to stop completely, especially if like me, you like to enter competitions or like to get discount codes but it would be handy to have an email dedicated to that. I plan to delete the other accounts. I also intend on going through my social media accounts and cleaning things up, checking for consistency and making sure that they make running a blog simple.

I also have an external hard drive that I got for Christmas a while back and I have gotten into the habit or archiving things that I no longer use so that I still have them but they are out of sight and out of mind. It has been helpful to start saving projects on the cloud as that means that I can get to them from multiple devices and if I find myself with a spare moment then I can work on them.

Exercise and diet

I had a pretty good relationship with exercise in 2018. I have lost a stone since being back from NYC and I now feel guilty when I haven’t worked out in a few days. I found that the best thing for me at the gym was Audiobooks from Audible I am someone who is super efficient and productive so if I can do two things at once (like exercise and absorb information from a book) then I absolutely will. I am with a Virgin Active gym and while it is pretty pricey, all of the classes are included. I usually try to go to one spin class a week to get some cardio in and then I will usually run around 5km once a week and the other 1 or 2 sessions I use for a full body work out, this normally includes chest, arms, abs and legs. I am not trying to bulk up, I’m pretty much just trying to keep things tight and in proportion so this routine works for me.

I have also made some huge dietary changes. I haven’t really touched dairy in a few years anyway as I found that it was making my skin bad. I have recently also cut out gluten (wheat specifically ) in the hopes that it will help with my digestion and just to feel a little bit lighter and so far I can confirm it does.

Work/Life balance

I have a pretty horrible commute to work. It currently takes me just over an hour to drive to work each day and usually around an hour and 15 minutes to drive home. This has had a pretty big knock on effect with my work ethic and I find myself exhausted by the time I even get to work in the morning.

To counteract this I have spoken with my leaders and it has been decided that I will work one day a week from home. This doesn’t seem like much but that 2+ hour commute time adds up and gives me time to work on personal projects. Anything I do in the office, I can do from home so it makes logistical sense.

I also listen to audiobooks on the commute, and I am getting through these at a rate of knots, you can read my other post for recommendations. I use Audible for mine because you pay a small monthly subscription and then you get 1 credit each month and you can spend that on any book. The books are often read in the author’s voice but make sure you listen to the sample before you buy to make sure that the voice is not too annoying to listen to for several hours. The little banner above this image will give you a 30-day free trial and 1-credit to try (affiliate link).

Scheduling; I have gotten a lot better at scheduling recently and I have found that when I get bursts of energy or productivity, I have to go with it. I will often schedule emails to send out at 9 am in the morning so that people do not know that I was up till late clearing my inbox and my head. I have also started time blocking and I will block out my lunch every day as well as daily tasks that need doing. I will schedule the most important tasks at the beginning of the day to ensure that I rarely have to stay past 5:30 PM in the office – this does not always go to plan but it is something that I am getting better at.

Visualisation Board

I have always been a huge fan of visualisation boards, a daily reminder of who you are and where you want to go can keep you motivated and keep your eyes on the prize. I had a fun arts and crafts afternoon with my sister creating my board, we painted a regular cheap cork board silver with a navy frame and then used an old gift bag to frame the photos. On mine, I have pictures of credit cards cut in half, a Range Rover Evoque, the Invisalign Braces logo and some other goals that I have my eyes on as well as some quotes to live buy that I tend to say out loud in the mornings to set my intentions for the day.

These are just some little things that I am doing in order to get my life in the direction that I want to go. If it helps some other people along the way, that would be great!

Stay fabulous,


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